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Visible Invisible

The photographer engages in a profound and delicate exploration of the theme of hypersensitivity, that complex process in which sensory sensitivity unfolds with disconcerting intensity, exposing hypersensitive individuals to their environment in an exacerbated way. Through her art, she plunges to the heart of these subtle nuances, capturing the very essence of the tumultuous emotions that run through the soul of the hypersensitive.

In this series, the photographer establishes a subtle dialogue between the striking contrasts of black and white, playing with these two extremes to illustrate the moments of tension and calm that mark the journey of hypersensitive people. Black, deep and enigmatic, becomes the receptacle of inner torments, of raw emotions colliding in the restricted space of the mind.Through her unfathomable shadows, the photographer captures the very essence of suffering, of the inner struggles that tear at the veil of tranquillity.

And yet, in the midst of this dark tumult, the soothing light of white emerges, bright and serene. It embodies moments of respite, moments of calm where the mind finds refuge in the ocean of tranquillity. Through her soft, luminous tones, the photographer invites us to contemplate the fragile beauty of peace, to savour the present moment in all its simplicity and purity.

In this eternal dance between black and white, the photographer weaves a moving visual narrative, in which each shot reveals a new facet of the hypersensitive experience. Each image becomes the reflection of a tormented soul, sailing between the troubled waters of emotion and the peaceful shores of contemplation.

The photographer takes us on an introspective journey to the heart of hypersensitivity, where contrasts merge into a symphony of nuances and emotions. In his world, moments of tension and calm intertwine in an infinite ballet, revealing the richness and complexity of the human experience. Through her images, she invites us to embrace our sensitivity, to welcome every emotion with kindness and to celebrate the fragile beauty of our own humanity.

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