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Les toits de Paris

In this series, the artist invites us to the rooftops of Paris on a rainy day. The City of Light has been enveloped in gray. No life presents itself to us, only Zinc, slate or even brick or stone. This evocation suggests a feeling of melancholy, a poetic and nostalgic atmosphere.

The artist deliberately chose a rainy day to capture this other side of the city’s charm. She achieves a subtle aesthetic, an atmosphere charged with sadness, nostalgia and solitude.

The artist wants to forget the energy of the city below to concentrate on the architecture of the roofs, their impermanence.

To do this, she installed herself behind a window to use the rain which hits her as an artistic filter. This filter made of glass and rain creates a mysterious aura on each image, giving the Parisian roofs an elusive texture that is a little distorted and blurred.

The roofs then take on a different texture. Abstraction invites itself. Shades of gray scale down to black.

The rain through this window created another reality, wrote another story, created another imagination.

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