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Into the House

At the heart of our lives, silent witnesses of our daily lives, reside familiar objects, chosen with care or arrived by the whim of chance. They populate our spaces, blend into the decor of our existence, often relegated to the banality of the ordinary. These everyday artifacts, which usually fade into the background of our existence, are transformed into hidden gems when our eyes decide to consider them with renewed attention.

They then cease to be simple accessories to become bearers of stories, guardians of memories, fragments of our journey.

Taking the time to contemplate these objects, to consider them from a new angle, is like opening a back door to the intimate. These objects become imprints of emotions, scars of life, triggers of happiness or nostalgia which tell forgotten chapters of our personal history.

Becoming aware of their presence is like opening a window onto our inner world, revealing treasures hidden in the simplicity of everyday life.

These objects carry with them an inestimable value. They become landmarks, anchor points in the present and bridges to the past.

Through this series, the artist wants to highlight the importance of our daily objects, how they act to crystallize time, the moment, to symbolize our emotions, and ultimately to build us. And how much they participate in our identity, in our psychic construction, they have the magical power to fight against forgetting. They tell us our story and therefore ultimately who we are!

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