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The artist takes us into the heat of summer and its nonchalance. Each image invites us to contemplation, to letting go. The artist captures details, objects, sand, water and frames them in a play of subtle light and shadow. The power of evocation plays its role and the images take us out of the present to envelop us in this unique sensation of summer. The magic happens. The senses are awake,


The sun's rays dance, caress and the shadows play with their ephemeral imprints. They produce intense contrasts of black and white which highlight the subject.


The atmosphere created invites daydreaming and transcends time. Moments are suspended as if in a bubble of laziness.


Thus, the series offers a very soft and meaningful visual and sensory experience.

These images transport you into a meditative state, a space where time seems suspended. They capture the ephemeral, freezing furtive moments imbued with poetry. Each shot becomes a window open to a timeless reality, where you can get lost and fully immerse yourself.

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