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Color Theory

In the 'Color Theory' series, the photographer boldly explores the complex phenomenon of synaesthesia, where the senses come together in unexpected ways, creating a unique sensory richness. This unusual experience is translated visually through works that defy convention and invite deep contemplation.

The photographer's main aim is to capture the essence of red, as well as its chromatic variations, by deliberately inverting them into other hues such as violet, blue or green.

This artistic manipulation of colour opens the door to a world of graphic abstractions, where the boundaries between traditional colours are erased to make way for an infinitely imaginative palette.

What particularly sets this series apart is the skilful use of light installations to orchestrate these visual abstractions. The captivating play of light creates compositions that dance before our eyes, inviting the viewer to plunge into a world where colour becomes the absolute protagonist.

But beyond simple aesthetic exploration, 'Color Theory' seeks to challenge established technical standards and artistic conventions.The creative process is one of total freedom, in which the artist frees himself from constraints to use the photographic medium as a plastic and artistic language in its own right. Each image becomes a sensory experience in itself, inviting viewers to explore the limits of perception and to question their own senses.

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