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In her photographic exploration, the artist ventured into a visual duality, a subtle play between the angular and the round, shadow and light. Where some of his series are draped in soft blurs, here, it is the intensity of the contrasts which reveals the essence of the forms captured. Two photos, distinct and yet in harmony, dialogue through their marked differences.

On one side, the rounded lines create a visual symphony imbued with elegance. The delicate, arabesque-like curves catch the light in a way that softens the edges.

On the other side, the angular lines stand out with geometric firmness. The blacks, deep and marked, play with light to create striking contrasts. The right angles, the sharp contours, everything is rigorously defined, offering a sharpness that highlights the strength and structure of the captured shapes.

The two photos respond to each other, complement each other, each offering a unique visual experience. Where one seduces with the delicacy of its curves, the other attracts with the power of its angular lines. It is a visual conversation where opposition becomes harmony, where the tension between rounded and angular shapes creates a captivating dynamic and where blacks and whites, deliberately worked, become the protagonists of this visual story.

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