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Out of Body

In this captivating series, the photographer plunges to the heart of the duality inherent in the human body and mind, exploring the mysteries and contradictions that inhabit every being.

She invites us to contemplate the very essence of our existence, like an infinite dance between the objective perception of the world around us and the complex richness of our intimate perception.

Every human being evolves in two distinct worlds, two intertwined realities where the objective and the subjective intermingle. On the one hand, there's the outside world, the world we perceive through our senses, where shapes come to life and colours come to life in a ceaseless ballet. On the other hand, there is our inner world, the realm of subjectivity, where our intimate perception resides, our image of ourselves and of others.

At the heart of this duality, the body becomes the theatre of all contradictions, the place where these two realities meet and sometimes clash. It is both the vehicle for our presence in the world and the receptacle of our intimate experience, the very embodiment of our identity.

With infinite sensitivity, the photographer explores the sometimes vertiginous distance that can exist between body and mind. In these moments of intense introspection, certain emotional states lead us to feel alienated from our own physical body. "I look at myself but I don't recognise myself", this enigmatic sensation that sometimes grips us plunges us into a state of disconnection, as if we were spectators alienated from our own existence.

In these moments of disembodiment, we perceive our body as an external object, an entity separate from our inner being, an empty shell devoid of all physical sensation. We are suspended between two worlds, between here and there, desperately trying to reconnect with the fragile link that binds us to ourselves.

Through her poignant images, the photographer invites us to explore the intricacies of our own duality, to embrace the complexity of our human nature. In each photograph lies the echo of a universal truth, that of the human experience in all its richness and diversity, that of the eternal quest for harmony between body and spirit.

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