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 Infinite Escape

The Infinite Escape photographic series combines the ancient tradition of Japanese sumi-e with the modernity of photography, creating an artistic fusion imbued with depth and vivacity.

At the heart of each work are delicate drawings inspired by the traditional techniques of sumi-e, an Asian art form characterised by the subtle use of black ink. These drawings embody the elegant simplicity and evocative power of this age-old discipline.

Using her drawings as a starting point, the artist then photographs them with a particular sensitivity, capturing the subtle nuances of the ink and the minute details of each stroke. The result is vibrant, dynamic images in which the contours of the drawings blend with the reality captured by the lens.

The distinctive element of this series lies in the superimposition of colourised photographs in bright, vivid hues. The artist injects new life and bubbling energy into her creations, using colours that seem to dance and pulse across the surface of the image.

The graceful curves in each photograph symbolise the paths of life that cross and intertwine, evoking the endless questioning of the meaning of our existence.

Each image, charged with symbolism, opens a window onto an aesthetic reality where the artist's creativity awakens the senses in a deeply poetic way.

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