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About My Projects

Invisible visible

This is a project about hypersensibilité.

This is a project about feelings that are duplicated than the majority of people.

This is the representation of those feelings that comes and goes, that can be everything or nothing because they come in waves.

Represented by the black and white and different shape(s) and patterns that is/or represent(ed) the emotion(s) that can’t always be put into words.

By using the medium of photography I create shapes and patterns that allow making the « invisible visible ».  


All of the patterns that I have as a vision, that I create are the fruit of my emotions and feelings that I have been through since I know about those feelings and that I can identify them.

When an emotion comes and goes I can put a finger on it and not feel guilty about my feelings, not feel guilty for having those feelings and thinking that I don’t have the right to feel that way because my problems don’t matter that much.


Everyone’s feelings are important to themself even if the problem is small or seems to not be that important. (In the moment when you have it and when you feel those emotions they matter and they are important and you have the right to feel them and to feel the way you feel. You should not feel guilty toward yourself.


It’s the same as when you do something, I strongly believe that you do something for a reason and that you should never feel guilty for having done something. Even tho you can feel a bit disappointed in yourself or your actions, you should never bit up yourself for something that you wanted at that moment. 


Emotions are something that comes and goes, it’s like a wave, and you have to navigate with them. 

Out Of Body

When life gets too much, you feel too much, sometimes you feel distant and disconnected from yourself.

It’s like your body that’s there to carry you through life, is not yours anymore.

You feel numb, empty, meaningless.

Deprived of the power of sensation.

You detach yourself from your body and watch yourself live.

Color Theory

When they have a thought in their head most people see a word or see an image.

But sometimes people see color. Something called synesthesia. it's not something that I personally have, however it really spoked to me.

In your life you can have a color that speaks to you, that you mostly see around, that is sort of calling you. For me it’s red. 

I started to photograph the red in an abstract vision that I had in my mind.

I played with shapes and colors and even transformed the idea of the vision of the color I had in mind.

Starting with the red and going into different colors and shapes that represent the emotion and vision that the color is creating.

Beginning from a vision of a circle and going into motions that relate to the vision of the changing color.

Creating those abstractions by playing with forms, overlays, mixing colors, and going into total abstraction.

In this series, I’m creating forms and shapes and by playing with them creating a movement that symbolises the strong power of the colore.

The Dancer

© diane-laure mussy photography

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